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Trainer's Victories

A coach aims for new victories and personal development every year.


Absolute WORLD Championship 2023 Lorca , Spain

''Absolute WORLD CHAMPION 2023 🌎🏆🥇A lot of work has been done and a lot of grueling training has been done behind my back! Thank you all for your support! Further more! OSU!🔥'' - Alesia said in social media


Exam for Black belt 2 Dan (degree) 15.10.2023 Paris , France 

Today my dream came true! 2 DAN! The exam was unrealistically difficult and extraordinary! After two days of training with our @shihan_vsevolodov , we received a lot of information. We successfully passed the Dan test! 30+ fights , 400 pushups and another different stuff! A lot of work and preparation has been done for this important day for me ! Then there will be more and now I’ll go to a new goal - 3 DAN! I am grateful to everyone I saw at this seminar. I understand that kyokushin is my family and with these people I open up to the fullest, showing and posting myself completely! Thanks to Shihan for everything he did and the support of our shape at such a time! Osu! ❤️

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